• Linda joined staff in 1999 and serves as our Business Manager and Marketing Director. She likes to go scuba diving whenever an opportunity surfaces.
  • Emily began her orthodontic career with Dr. Thompson in 2000. She serves as a Clinical Technician and also as our Insurance Coordinator. Emily has a wheely great time mountain biking.
  • Nicholle began her orthodontic career with Dr. Thompson in 2002. She serves as Treatment Coordinator and Clinic Technician. Nicholle stays handy by doing home improvements whenever she can.
  • Liz joined our team in 1998 bringing with her 10 years of orthodontic experience. She now serves as our Financial Coordinator overseeing our front desk team as well. Liz likes to stay tuned in by listening to music.
  • Michelle joined Dr. Thompson’s staff in 2000 as a Clinical Technician after 6 years of dental assisting experience. Camping is one of the activities that lights her fire.
  • Hannah began her orthodontic career with Dr. Thompson in 2012 as a Clinical Technician. Her recipe for a good time is cooking up a delicious dinner.
  • Diane joined Dr. Thompson in 2000 bringing 22 years of dental experience. She now serves as Scheduling Coordinator and loves to travel whenever she gets the green light.
  • Monica started her orthodontic career in 1997 and became a member of the Thompson team in 1999. She works as our lead Clinical Technician ensuring all the clinical needs are met. Monica gets a kick out of running.
  • Sydney started her orthodontic career in 2008 with Dr. Thompson and currently serves as a Clinical Technician. Sydney is sold on shopping.
  • Jennifer has been with Dr. Thompson since 1991 and is our Treatment Coordinator and also serves as a Clinical Technician. Before joining our team, she worked in the orthodontic field for 3 years. The story goes that she very much enjoys reading.
  • Jamie rejoined Dr. Thompson’s team in 2012 bringing 12 years of dental experience. She serves as our lead Lab Technician and in her spare time enjoys hunting down a good bargain.
  • Candi began her orthodontic career in 2006 joining Dr. Thompson's staff in 2014.  After adjusting canines at the office, she loves to go home to her canine pups.
  • Alexis began her orthodontic career at Dr. Thompson's office in 2016.  After she's done bending retainer wires she enjoys bending her crossbow for a good hunt.
  • Natalie joined Dr. Thompson staff in 2015 bringing with her 9 years of orthodontic experience.  She gets “shear” joy out of styling hair.

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Meet our Staff

Our staff is committed to making all of our patients feel comfortable while receiving treatment at our office. We have years of combined experience, providing our patients with the highest level of care.

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